Leadbetter Interactive FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)
Q. Is Leadbetter Interactive able to run on the Microsoft Vista operating system?

A. All four volumes of the DVDs will run on the Microsoft Vista operating system, however you will need to download a new install for the Swing Analysis software to operate with Microsoft Vista.
To load the LI/Microsoft Vista install, please follow the steps below.

Microsoft Vista Install Steps
  1. Connect your computer to the Internet
  2. Insert Swing Analysis software DVD in your computerís DVD drive. NOTE: If or when the install starts, please cancel it.
  3. Open your web browser and enter ftp://ftp.v1home.com/LI_Vista.exe in the address line or simply click the link.
  4. ďSaveĒ the install to your hard drive after it is downloaded. This will load the Swing Analysis software on your computer and save it on your hard drive.
  5. Once the install is completed, an LI icon will be placed on your desktop. Click the icon and start the Swing Analysis software. When prompted, enter the registration key located inside the Swing Analysis software DVD case at the top of the left side.
Q. How do I load Leadbetter Interactive drills onto my iPodô?

A. This ability to download video files to an iPodô or video device is a new feature recently added to newer versions of Leadbetter Interactive. There is a separate folder with Video files of Leadbetter Interactive drills that are formatted so they can be viewed on an iPodô and video-enabled devices.

Look on the software installation DVD for a folder named iPodô. Inside the folder will be the iPodô formatted drills. This folder will only exist if you purchased the software after we added it as a new feature. If that folder is not on your software DVD, then you purchased an older version of Leadbetter Interactive before the feature was made available. Please refer to your iPodô or mobile phone manual in order to download any Leadbetter Interactive drills to your video device.

Q: The Leadbetter Interactive DVDs work great on my TV/DVD player, but Iím unable to load the software onto my PC. What could be the problem?

A: A DVD-ROM and a CD-ROM look very much alike but require different types of drives in your Windows PC to read them. Leadbetter Interactive Swing Analysis software is distributed on DVD-ROM. Please make sure your computerís optical drive supports DVD/DVD-ROM.

Q: Whatís the best way to connect a video camera to my Windows PC to use the Leadbetter Interactive Software?

A: We recommend using a FireWire (a.k.a. iLink and 1394) to transfer video between a camera and your computer. Most miniDV camcorders include a FireWire port and several PCs now include the port as well.

If your PC does not have a FireWire port, you can purchase one online or at you local computer store for around $50 (Make sure you specify it is for a notebook or a desktop PC).

Q. Can the Leadbetter Interactive Swing Analysis software run on a Macintosh computer?

A. Currently the Leadbetter Interactive Swing Analysis software can only run on Windows-based PCs and cannot run on Macintosh computers

Q. I am live outside of North America, will I be able to view the Leadbetter Interactive DVDs?

A. Yes, Leadbetter Interactive is region free and can be viewed on DVD players worldwide.

Q. Do you have different language versions of Leadbetter Interactive?

A. We currently only have one English language version of Leadbetter Interactive, but plan on producing more language versions in the future.

Q: Iíve captured my golf swing with my camcorder, but it is blurry when I playback my swing in the software. Whatís the problem?

A: Make sure you have ďsports modeĒ enabled or have the shutter set to at least 1/500th of a second (1/1000th or faster is even better) when recording your golf swing. This will remove or minimize the blur.

Q: I captured my golf swing with a DVD-camcorder. How do I get my video into the Leadbetter Interactive software?

A: This is tricky as each manufacturer has a different method and file format. Please follow the instructions supplied with your DVD-camcorder to transfer video to your PC. Once youíve transferred the video over try to open the video using the Leadbetter Interactive Software.

Q. How do I sign up for the Leadbetter Interactive Golf Academy?

A. Visit www.leadbetterinteractive.com to register for the Leadbetter Interactive Golf Academy. While there is no cost to sign-up, you must purchase your swing analysis lesson on the Academy site before submitting your swing to a certified Leadbetter Academy instructor.